Young Horse Specialists FacilitiesA brand new purpose built steel framed barn with beautiful 12 x 12 Monarch timber panelled Stables and ‘Hippotile’ flooring.

Young Horse Specialists Facilities‘The old Bull-Pen’ is now our wash down box!

Young Horse Specialists FacilitiesA brand new 20x40 arena with Andrews Bowen wax surface and 5ft fencing.

Young Horse Specialists FacilitiesA 45ft round pen with Roade Fibres surface.

Young Horse Specialists FacilitiesIndividual turnout paddocks with Watts Plastics fencing and automatic water troughs.

Young Horse Specialists FacilitiesAn undulating obstacle paddock with a variety of small cross country jumps suited to long-reining and used to give young horses the chance to learn about hoof, eye coordination and the ability to change a ‘no chance I’m not doing that’ attitude into a ‘I will give it try’ attitude, which really is important to achieve early on.

Young Horse Specialists FacilitiesQuiet lanes and bridlepaths to be used for hacking.